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Another week down…lessons about Digital Citizenship

Well, I finally completed an entire week of middle school and boy, I am tired.  I am physically tired but even more so, mentally tired.  This week we tackled some digital citizenship activities in both my 5th and 6th grade

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First digital badge

After completing my Digital Citizenship class over the summer, I earned the first ever Digital Leading and Learning badge!  What do you think?

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Digital Literacy – Mantra and presentation

We had to come up with our mantra on what we believed digital citizenship was, in 10 words or less.  I came up with this: Digital Citizenship – Courtesy for the 21st Century We also created a short video presentation of the

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Digital Literacy in the Elementary Classroom

Ribble (2015) tells us that digital citizenship is “described as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.” (Kindle Locations 480-481).  Through much research, he has come up with what he considers as the nine important elements

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Digital Citizenship…Final thoughts

My digital citizenship mantra is Digital Citizenship:  Courtesy for the 21st century. The last five weeks of “Digital Citizenship” have flown by.  There is so much information out there about this topic.  It is an ever evolving topic, so it

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This week the focus has been on cyberbullying. I must admit I thought I knew a lot about this subject, but what I knew just barely skimmed the surface.  Reading the book by Hinduja and Patchin really opened my eyes

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Copyright and Fair Use

Wow!  This week has been intense.  We focused on copyright, creative commons and fair use.  This is a subject that I know very little about.  Yes, I have had the training videos, and heard the lectures.  But it wasn’t until

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