Working blind….

Well, it has been quite an adventure the last few weeks wrapping my mind around the idea of my new position.  I have been asking questions of people who know the answers and basically what I have learned about my job next year is….it’s whatever I want it to be.  Since the computer class is an elective, there is no set curriculum.  I can basically go any direction that I want, within the confines of the existing TEKS. My new principal told me when he hired me he wanted me to make it a great program and the answer will always be “yes”.

Cue:  What have I gotten myself into?  I have never taught 5th or 6th grade, although I have raised two kids through those crazy years.  I have never taught exclusive technology, although I enjoyed putting it into my regular kindergarten classroom.  The person in the position before me left the district so getting ahold of her has been a challenge.

Luckily, I have had two saving graces.  One, the teacher before me has left her website up for the summer so I can at least see what she was doing.  Am I going to do exactly the same, probably not.  But it is nice to see how another person who created a class (the school just opened two years ago) organized her class.  My second saving grace is that we have some great Instructional Technology gurus in our district, who are more than willing to meet with me and help me figure out what I want to do.

I have already begun to get a sort of overview of what I want to expose these kids to.  Besides the normal desktop applications, I want to infuse green screen, Ipads, appsmashing, and Ozbots.  Along with coding and possibly a bigger robotics program in the future, I think I have a great place to start.  I just need to remember to seize the opportunity to disrupt my environment.  Just as I learned in my Master’s program, creating change in a place that is resistant can be quite draining.  But this environment seems totally open to change, open to my ideas, and most importantly open to me sharing my ideas.

I feel excited and nervous.  But most of all, I feel refreshed, renewed, and reenergized.  I feel great things coming down my path!


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One comment on “Working blind….
  1. Brandi Livingston says:

    Congrats on your new teaching position! Best of luck developing the new program.


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