What a week!

Wow!  It’s been a whirlwind the last week (actually two).  I applied for a technology teacher job at a middle school in my district and was offered the job the next day.  I was really torn at first because as much as I want to do something different, I also really enjoyed the partnership I had created and the cool things we were doing with our kindergarteners with regard to technology and other fun things like Foodie Friday.  I decided to go ahead and accept the position.

The next days I was at a PLC workshop that my old principal had already paid for so I was unable to go and get my room ready to move out.  After two long days of training, I was able to get in.  I spent about 5 minutes (before the chaos) just remembering how both of my own children had went to this school from kindergarten through fourth grade.  And remembering that I was leaving everything that I was comfortable with to do something very uncomfortable with people who I don’t even know.  It was awful scary.  As my room was loaded up, forcibly at times, I began to realize that doing the same thing for the rest of my career was not what my heart desired.  The easy route was to stay and keep doing what I was doing.  The hard part was to just walk away.  I was hanging on to an idea that I had to be there for the kids.  But this experience showed me that any one of us can be replaced within seconds and that wasn’t an easy pill to swallow.

Now, I am getting emails from my new school about all the things they want to involve me in before the year even starts.  And as scary as it is, it’s kind of exciting too.  This is my chance to do what I love, which is share ideas with kids and have them become the creators of their own knowledge.  It is going to be crazy but I am really excited.  Am I excited to be in a building where I hardly know anyone?  At first my answer was NO, NO, NO!  But then I remembered the stress that I have been feeling, especially this past year with the curriculum and the atmosphere of my workspace.  And I think, this might be the best year of my career ever!  At least I hope so.  No, I won’t have a buddy to bounce ideas off of, take selfies with, or wear matching shirts.  But my friends will still be my friends, and whatever happens, I am at peace with it.  

I hope to share my middle school adventure with you right here, while continuing my “Appy Hour,” which was one of my ideas that impressed my new principal the most.  I am excited to expose myself to new people, new ideas, and new attitudes.  And the best part of all….my room is across from the library.  So it’s a win, win!  I hope you stay with me on my adventure!


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