The technology/research wrap up

What a big project I undertook trying to use our Ipads to facilitate our research unit in reading.  I always forget so much about the amount of getting ready ahead of time that I need to do to pull off something like this with my kindergarteners.  But, I feel like it was a successful first attempt.

First, I made QR codes for each group directing them to some places where they could learn about their animals.  Then, each day, for four days, I sent them off in their groups and asked them to write three facts they learned that day, as a group.  I immediately saw my kids who really like to write take on that leadership role, while the others brainstormed the ideas.

Next, I had them go out an write on their own what they learned about their animal.  This was a great way for me to see what they could do individually.  And I’m proud to say they really excelled at this.

Then, we went into our computer lab and learned about green screen technology.  Our school does live morning announcements, so they have the chance to see it in action everyday.  We filmed some videos of the kids in front of the green screen and used them with an app called DoInk.  It was pretty easy to use and I was able to create some pretty neat snippets.  If I had older kids I definitely would have let them do this step.

The last step in our research was letting the kids loose with Chatterpix to record their learning.  They had so much fun doing this.  The pictures turned out so funny and their facts are very unique (and sometimes a little suspect).  This was by far their favorite part of the whole research unit.  I am very fortunate that I have parents that share my passion for showing what great students I have.  Two of them have given permission for me to share their son’s research wrap up videos.  The other three groups had more children so I was really impressed by how much these two guys got done.  I hope you enjoy!

I learned so much in this first big project with the Ipads and my kindergarten classroom!

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