Lessons learned from day one of technology and research

Well, I learned many lessons today from our research adventure with technology.  Some of them were my own fault, some were a bad mix of personalities, some were just weird. Here’s what I learned…

  • I must remember to login the ipads under my own name for them to be able to access safe share videos….and make sure the QR reader is installed.  Two things I forgot to do.  Thank goodness my kids are patient and able to entertain themselves with stimulating conversation while waiting on me.
  • All the “Chiefs” of the class cannot be in the same group.  That leaves all the other groups full of “Indians”.  Which means nothing was getting done in the other groups due to the fighting and arguing trying to come up with a system to complete their task.  I just kind of let them sort it out today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better.
  • All writers are not created equal.  While one group was able to get some pretty good information on paper, and 2 groups were able to get somewhat distinguishable information on paper, one group was not able to get anything on paper that I could read or they could remember.  I need to make sure I record them reading what they wrote tomorrow before they forget.
  • All in all, it went pretty smoothly.  All groups were able to watch a video on the IPad about their animal and come up with three facts together.

Tomorrow is another day…thank goodness.

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