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What a journey I have had in the last year.  My original innovation idea was “Appy Hour,” showing apps and how they are used in everyday living to increase the comfort level of them being used in the classroom.  Implementing this innovation plan has really made me focus more on professional learning and how to make it more effective in our profession.  So although my innovation plan is mentioned in my presentation, it was more what I learned from it that pushed me towards my idea of a change I think would benefit my campus. 

 When thinking about the primary PL on my campus, I came up with an innovation that started several years ago by our current administration called Curriculum Committees.  At the time, we were placed on a committee and we took turns presenting to the staff in small group sessions every other month.  I think it was innovative because it was less “sit and get” than your typical faculty meeting.  I also liked the idea of us being the experts.  Fast forward to year three and now I see some changes that can be made to make it much better and stronger.  So, my presentation really focuses on the current practice at my school and how to assess it using Gulamhussein’s 5 Principles for Effective Professional Learning.  I do reference my “Appy Hour” idea in the presentation, but in a more what I had to change kind of way than using it as an example. 

 I feel like this approach is so relevant in our profession because there is so much professional learning out there that,with a few adjustments, could be so engaging and beneficial to teachers.  I don’t really see the point in reinventing the wheel, so to speak.  By showing how one campus can take a current PL plan and adjust it to address the 5 principles, hopefully the task wouldn’t seem so daunting to other campuses.

 The idea that I had for the changes to our current PL did grow and change while I was creating my presentation.   I had to take into account the why of my plan, to engage the teachers in a more effective professional learning situation.   I also had to walk that fine line of being encouraging and not critical of current practices.  I feel like adding in elements to the presentation,  such as the report being accessible by clicking on the picture, makes it more beneficial for my administration.  I tried to include a few videos, for interest and information, and put in brainstorming sessions after each principle to make the administration more active participants in the changes.   I paid really close attention to using the Google slides not as a platform for a lot of information, but as a catalyst for the discussion that I would have during the presentation.  Many of my ideas can’t be seen until you access the notes for each slide.  

 I did try to find a video on active learning that would really drive the point across that what is good for students is good for teachers as learners too. I feel like seeing the ideas in the video format will make it more memorable and impactful.  I chose this particular principle because I feel like this is an area that we need to focus on the most.  The video I used at the end of the presentation was really to just drive home my point that change is good and that innovation is scary, but necessary, especially in our profession. 

I did use a tool that is somewhat new to me, Google Slides.  I am more of a Powerpoint person but since I am switching to a more Mac based platform to show versatality in my technology use, I needed a tool that I could use interchangeably.  I found it very easy to use on either platform and I even learned how to make a screenshot on the Mac.  The one thing that I missed was the ability to add audio, which I was going to do for the purposes of putting this on my Eportfolio.  That said,  it is important when viewing this video on my Eportfolio, or WordPress, that you click on the gear to open up the options.  Then, view presenter notes to see more of what I would talk about during the actual presentation. 

 I hope you enjoy my presentation.  It was simple but I really tried to focus in on the information shared in the class by Nancy Duarte and Presentation Zen about what makes a good presentation. 



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