Appy Hour – the complete course

This week I finished uploading resources and coming up with all the finishing touches for my 5 week online version of “Appy Hour”.  I hope to send it out to the staff at my school this week and we will see if I get any takers.

I have enjoyed this process of creating an online course.  I think it has given me a background in something that I have not had a chance to experience which is more of a blended/flipped learning platform.  I have never worked in a LMS before, so that experience was very useful.  In the future, as I pursue more of a technology position, being able to construct online courses can only be more of a selling point.

Next week, I will be reflecting on this course and some of the materials that I have used.  Hopefully, my next post will contain a wealth of information for anyone who is thinking about creating an online course.


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