Work smarter, not harder

I can honestly say, this week, I did not work smarter.  I have loaded all my resources, only to choose to load them all again because I wanted to have proper references for each.  I have only done Weeks 1, 2, and 3 in my online “Appy Hour” course and I am already learning that a fully online course demands much more organization and preplanning than my in person meetings.  I can bounce of attendees and their questions during a meeting, but I need to make sure I’ve tried to answer any questions that might pop up ahead of time in my course.

I am really enjoying the book that we are reading for this course.  It is a valuable source of information and I plan on going back to read it again when this degree is finished.  You can access this open source textbook here.

I could see myself, in the future, being a creator of online courses in my school district, and really enjoying it.  It would combine my love of curriculum and technology in such an interesting way.

Hopefully next week, after some input from my professor, I will be able to tweek the previous weeks and finish out my online course with a bang!


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