Plan for Online Appy Hour Class

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted here.  My last class involved a lot of work on an article I submitted to be published.  But now I am back and focusing on Appy Hour once again.

I am creating an online Appy Hour class through the Schoology LMS platform.  This Appy Hour class will be a place where we will learn about apps and tools that can be used in the classroom to increase student engagement and innovation. This will be a five week course, with each week addressing one of the learning goals from my backwards design plan below.

The audience is my fellow teachers at Moore, but hopefully we can expand it across the school district.

My BHAG is that the learners will be equipped with tools to improve their own digital literacy and will create authentic opportunities for their students.

Some of the resources I am planning on using are as follows:

Week 1 Resources

  1. 12 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom, Even for Technophobic Teachers
  2. Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning 
  1. Appy Hour…Why Should We Attend
  2. Appy Hour
  3. Pros and Cons of Using Technology in the Classroom
  4. Redefining Teaching and Learning Using Technology
  5. Teacher Usage and Perceptions Survey
  6. Teacher’s Knowledge of Teaching and Technology

Week 2 Resources

  1. 25 Awesome Social Media Tools for Education
  1. Making Time for Teacher Collaboration is Crucial
  2. What Teachers Need and Reformers Ignore: Time to Collaborate
  3. Teachers Who Tweet
  4. Using Social Media in the Classroom
  5. Successful Collaboration
  6. Twitter Handbook for Teachers
  7. The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags in Education


Week 3 Resources

  1. New Ways of Using Multimedia in the Classroom
  2. Digital Multimedia Tools
  3. The Teacher’s Guide to Using YouTube in the Classroom
  4. Using Multimedia in the Classroom
  5. Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education

You tube channels of interest

Richard Byrne

  1. 30+ YouTube Channels for Teachers

Week 4 Resources

  1. Nearpod
  2. Flipping the Elementary Classroom
  3. Should You Flip Your Classroom
  4. Jon Bergmann Talks About Flipped Classrooms
  5. Flipped Classrooms: What Do the Studies Say?
  6. I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip


Week 5 Resources

  1. 7 Free Apps for Keeping Parents and Teachers Connected
  2. Bloomz Wins Best at Show at ISTE 2016
  3. 12 Apps for Smarter Teacher-Parent Communication
  4. Parent Communication App Comparison
  5. Bringing School and Parent Communication to the Digital Age
  6. Bloomz Overview
  7. Building Relationships Between Parents and Teachers


Learning Goals Assessment Activities Learning Activities
Learner will recognize the importance of apps/programs in today’s learning environment. Create a blog post on why using apps and technology is necessary in our classrooms today. 1. Read articles

2. View video

3. Complete surveys.

Learner will interact with various tools that promote collaboration. Create a social media account and find 10 professional connections to add to their PLN.  Share blog post  from week 1 on the site. 1. Read articles

2. View videos.

3. Twitter handbook.

Learner will construct a multimedia presentation using various tools. Create a multimedia presentation on a current topic in their classroom. 1. Read articles

2. View videos


Learner will recognize the concept of “flipped learning” and it’s usefulness in the classroom. Create a “flipped” lesson plan on current topic in the classroom. 1. Read articles

2. View videos

3.  Nearpod lesson

Learner will interact with parents through the use of parent engagement tools. Engage parents by using 1 tool to communicate in the classroom. 1. Read articles

2.  View videos

3. Comparison chart


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  1. […] outcomes.  The course was designed with the more concise three column model, which can be accessed here..   By creating the course in this way, there is a sense of clarity and organization that is […]


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