This week the focus has been on cyberbullying. I must admit I thought I knew a lot about this subject, but what I knew just barely skimmed the surface.  Reading the book by Hinduja and Patchin really opened my eyes to a whole new level of information.  Their book was first and foremost easy to read.  It was full of important and relevant information and research about cyberbullying.  The section of the book that dealt with the legal ramifications of cyberbullying was especially interesting, both for myself as a teacher and as a parent.  I am going to recommend to my librarian to get several copies to put in our Parent section of our library, along with suggesting that the staff reads it.  It was that good!

Another interesting piece of information that I encountered this week was the TED talk by Monica Lewinsky.  I remember when all of this occurred.  I was a young teacher and remember how it seemed like you couldn’t even turn around without seeing this splashed across the newspapers.  I can only imagine how much worse it would have been in this day and age.  I don’t think that either party would have escaped as unscathed as they did, although I feel she took a much bigger hit than he did.  My teen knows who she is and gets the references, so I think that he might find this talk interesting, even if just to see how much the world has changed.

I found many online cyberbullying websites helpful when looking through the information that I encountered this week.  The first was  This website gives a lot of good information, along with having events related to cyberbullying.  Another site that I found useful this week was  I found this site useful to add to the information about the two victims we discussed, in addition to learning about so many more.  I think educators could use both of these sites to find relevant information to begin to address the concept of cyberbullying with their students.

I am very interested to try out the Nearpod lessons on Digital Citizenship that I found, especially the ones on bullying.  This website has caught my attention as of late as a great way to feed this information to my students at their own pace instead of doing a whole group presentation of the information.  I like that you can add toand/ or change their presentations to fit your needs and there are various ways to assess understanding of the concepts.

This week has been so enlightening.  I think we really could have had an entire 5 week session just on cyberbullying.  I am looking forward to reading and learning more about this subject on my own time.



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