Final thoughts on Measurement

When we first began this class, I can promise you I was not a happy camper.  I am not a numbers girl and while trudging through the text and getting caught up in all the math, I was becoming very afraid for my measurement “career”.  As usual, about week 3 to 4, the clouds parted and everything began to really  make sense.  Once I got the big ideas from the text, I was really able to focus down my questions.

After input from Dr. Harapnuik and the other’s in my cohort at Lamar, I began to really see a plan coming together.  You can see the beginnings of my plan in my presentation.  I did have to go back and edit it to be less reading and more something that I can use in a large group setting.  I plan on giving it a test drive in August when I present my “Appy Hour” idea to other teachers at a district technology session.  Look over my presentation in the following post and let me know what you think.

Measuring “Appy Hour”

The next step was the literature review.  I really enjoyed the extra amount of time we were given to pour through the literature but I also find myself buried in the sheer number of things that are out there to look at.  I really need to work on a way of organizing my information in a better format for me to access when I need it.  I sometimes miss the days of being given what to read, but I am enjoying the new hat I’ve added to my arsenal as “researcher”.  Enjoy reading what I found out in the following post.

And the literature says…

Finally, I started to put together a more detailed plan for my measurement ideas.  Some of the ideas I had put in my original presentation, and later removed to cut down on wordiness, so they weren’t as hard to come by.  But, other aspects of my plan I feel still need some work.  Over the next few months, I can see changing many of the parts of my plan based on my first run through.  The following post includes what is sure to be one of many drafts of my plan.

Measuring “Appy Hour” Plan

As far as measurement courses go, I feel like we really had the best one that I have heard from all my friends who have went through various master’s programs.  The way we are tying all our classes back to our original “innovation” idea is making this program a very enjoyable and valid process for me.  I hope you are enjoying reading about it.


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