Measuring “Appy Hour”

The idea of “Appy Hour” came to me one night when I was looking on Twitter.  I saw someone mention something similar and I though to myself “Yes!  Professional development in technology can be the worst!”  It was then I decided to tackle the idea of exposing the teachers of Moore Elementary, a school in the suburbs of Houston, to the idea of using apps and technology both outside of school and in their classrooms.

I feel like if we aren’t out there, changing the way we are teaching and expecting the same from our students in the way they are showing learning, we are losing valuable opportunities to give these kids real life experiences.  In what job market are we going to let kids come in with no soft skills or tech skills and function in a job?  Not many, I can only assume.  Technology is changing our world faster than ever.  “The only way to prepare for the radical changes in the future workforce is to ensure that we recruit, select, and support teachers who are highly talented, innovative, and well suited to growing students’ critical thinking skills. (Fraynd, 2014).

My “Appy Hour” idea has changed over the last nine months, going from just an informal meeting to more of a mentoring idea.  I still believe that exposing teacher’s to apps for both home and school will increase their likelihood of using technology with their students in the future.

Now I am looking at how am I going to measure my “Appy Hour” idea and what am I going to do with the information.  First, I had to understand that anything can be measured.  After I got that through my head, it was all about figuring out what I really want to measure and what I want to learn from it.

I went pretty simple when I created this presentation.  If I have learned one thing over my time working with “Appy Hour” is to keep it simple, like the idea itself.  I created a simple Powerpoint and then dropped it in to a Slideshare.  Nothing too fancy but hopefully effective enough to get my ideas out there.  I also have enjoyed working with the Mix add on with Powerpoint, but for this I wanted the reader to be able to advance the screen themselves to read at their own speed.

I hope you have enjoyed my jump into measurement.  My next post will address the literature that I looked at to come up with the presentation and also my final measurement plan!




Fraynd, D. (2014, March 07). Impact of today’s technology on tomorrow’s jobs and what educational leaders should do about it. Retrieved June 19, 2016, from
Hubbard, D. W. (2014). How to measure anything finding the value of “intangibles” in business (3rd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


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