Thinking “Big”

This has been a time for me that I really needed.  A time to dive into the literature and really see what is going on out in the world.  It has made many of my ideas have some substance and has really addressed some of my biggest concernes about Appy Hour.

First, I presented a video about what I had learned during all my reading.  You can view it below.

Then, I took to the literature and tried to give a concise but thorough literature review of what I read and how it affected professional development, and Appy Hour more specifically.  You can read that here.

Finally, I took all of what I have learned this time around and made some changes to my Appy Hour idea, both in the influencer model and in the 4dx model.  You can see those changes at Appy Hour has changed for the better.

I hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made.  I think that the more information and reading that I am putting in, the more solid and sustainable my ideas are becoming.


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